October 25, 2020

Our passage in Deuteronomy informs us that God shares new information with Moses and Aaron. God has Moses climb to the peak of a hill and survey all the beautiful land below. As Moses views this vast land, God informs him that both he and Aaron will not enter into this land. And, while this is quite a shock to us, the writer offers no word of question or movement of emotion come from Moses. 

We as readers and students of Scripture know that the reason Moses and Aaron will not enter the Promised Land is a direct result of Moses’ action. In Numbers 20:12, Moses struck the rock so that water would issue out for the people to drink. Unfortunately, he acted without asking God first, and he failed to give God glory after the event.

And yet, the event with the water from the rock occurred way back in the wilderness travels of the Israelite nation. To be blunt: Moses knew his fate halfway through his journey! Even with this realization of his failed future, he never stopped leading the people, guiding them, sheltering them, interceding for them, keeping them safe as a shepherd cares for his vulnerable flock.

I am not so sure that I would be able to continue to move forward if I knew my fate long before the last day. I fear I would throw my hands up in frustration or anger or shame or apathy. 

But, when we have failed, let us pray for forgiveness. Seek amends from God and our neighbor. And then, continue moving forward. Understand that you may not see the end. God’s plan is right and established for you. Trust that He knows what He is doing…and He also knows why.



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