Unraveling: part 1

At each pulse of my blinking cursor the unseen Being pounds the cage inside. This cage crafted by instruction and stories and time and rules and shame and fear. This Being began its life many years ago; in fact, it’s been alive-not-yet-birthed for close to 40 years. Dormant for much of of those years, prowling and scavenging, feeding on rage and doubt, then retreating into the mist. To hibernate, gain strength, configure new strategies.

This blinking cursor pulses, pulses, pulses. With each letter and word and sentence that is and will be typed, the Being within takes first breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Each letter and word and sentence is an exorcism in which the cage of time and fear and instruction will bulge against the growing stress. It is no longer able to hold captive the Being within.

The cage fractures.

And so it begins.

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