What I Heard

Sermon from The Rev. Dr. John Toles.

One of my favorite bands is Rush. They have a song from their Counterparts album called “Double Agent.”  The first two lines of this song are, “Where would you rather be? Anywhere… Anywhere but here.  When would the time be right? Anytime but now.”

This sermon from John+ speaks of getting rid of the proverbial boxes. Letting our guard down with God and saying “yes.” Giving Him control. Total control.

But that’s SO hard, I often say. Well, yes. Yes, it is hard.

It’s about the beast within:  ego.

To give control to God is to confess pride, arrogance, self-sufficiency, narcissism, conceit, audacity, bravado.

But those are ugly words. Those don’t describe me. I’m not any of those ideas.



So what would you call it then???

The fact of the matter is plain and simple. God says “Be still” (Ps 46:10). When we aren’t still in God, those things that aren’t God will fill us instead: fear, anger, skepticism, self-preservation, exhaustion, and the list goes on and on.

So, when you find yourself in the middle of a decision, “large” or “small,” check your emotions and your mental state. Are you frustrated? Are you tired? Are you quick tempered? Are you procrastinating?

My response: stop declaring war on God. Like Jacob, stop fighting the Angel.

Will it be smooth sailing? Perhaps not. Will the Heavens open up and the plan boom from the voice (like James Earl Jones) of God? I can’t say a resounding “Yes!”

What will happen? Honestly, I can’t say because God will do what He will do. What is right for you. What will need to happen to take care of you.

And, as John+ (and Howard Stern) said, get rid of your backup plan and stop fighting.

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