A nap and a snack

Peter gets out of the boat and begins to walk on the water towards Jesus. The man actually… Walks. On. Water. I can barely bathe my sweet pup in the bathtub without making a soggy, sloppy mess. I can’t even imagine actually walking on the same element that ends up all over my bathroom floor.

But, what if the water is a metaphor? What if there is a deeper lesson here? Mythically, water is chaos, the great depths that hold and hide the mysteries and monsters of the deep. The Leviathan. The Kracken. The Great White Whale of Melville’s nightmares. What if the water is the chaos of our current times: a global pandemic, a war in the east, missing and murdered indigenous women, shootings and continued gun violence, those who can bear children stripped of bodily autonomy orchestrated by the patriarchy, minority groups enduring toxic hate, manipulation, brutality, death. At the hands of another or by their own hands. What if Peter was able to rise above for a moment, could feel the thrill of peace and being whole if only for a few minutes?

What are your moments of bliss? What brings you peace? What makes you laugh? Be aware of those moments that restore your balance, that make you giggle with abandon, that helps you to breathe more deeply. Be mindful of self, of those non-negotiables that keep you feeling stabilized and nourished.

I came across something recently that I wish to share: When you feel everyone hates you, get some good sleep. When you feel you hate everyone, get a good meal. When you feel you hate yourself, take a shower or bath. And when you feel everyone hates everyone, get some quality time outside. We live in community, with those whom we agree as well as disagree. Take care of yourselves so that you can take care of one another. And when the water begins to rise again and the chaos swirls around the boat, you will be balanced and nourished, able to take one gentle but assured step after another.

2 thoughts on “A nap and a snack

  1. Profound. Water is also the source of life (evolutionarily as well as figuratively); we emerged from and through it at birth. We are covered with water during Baptism (even if one is sprinkled rather than dunked, it goes everywhere).


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